A Different Year

We are arriving at the end of a year where we had to learn to live and think differently. COVID-19 shattered a lot of hopes and dreams, but having said that, it also made us see things in perspective. At Home Key, I had to rethink what I have been doing for many years, and this resulted in creating more possibilities for our clients!

When the first lock-down was announced in March, I introduced the ´Virtual Visit´. This was an immediate success! I have done many Virtual Visits during this year and it has been proven to be a highly effective way of visiting a property in Portugal without being here in person.
Based on a Virtual visit, people reserved their property until they were able to come to Portugal to sign for the deed.

I will continue offering this service as I don´t want to see you miss out on your dream property for being stuck at home.

Read all about the Virtual Visit on our website.

I wish you a blissful Christmas and a healthy New Year in which I hope to help many of you unlocking your dreams!

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