You found your piece of paradise and you are ready to buy it. Now what? We can imagine that you have tons of questions and doubts.

Are the papers of the property correct?

What exactly can I build on this land?

What else do I need to purchase this property?

Where and when do I sign?

Help, I can’t read Portuguese!

We know what you are going through and we can help you to do everything the right way in the fastest way possible.

For an English speaking lawyer we recommend:

Liliana Solipa
Liliana Solipa

Liliana Solipa
Liliana went to law school in Coimbra and is a registered lawyer for 10 years. Her registration number is: 44594e. You can find her registration and details on the website: –> Pesquisa advogados and then fill in the name –> nome: Liliana Solipa.

Office location: Castelo Branco
Work area: Central Portugal


For a very reasonable fixed price she offers our Property Purchase Package which includes:

  • Checking all the paperwork of the property
  • Checking if there are any debts or mortgages on a house you want to buy
  • Registration for fiscal number (which is required to purchase a property)
  • Property registration, including registering at finance office
  • Scheduling of the deed (signing purchase contract)
  • Translation of official documents including the purchase contract

If you can’t be there in person to sign the deed, you can also give her power of attorney.

Contact us for the full property purchase package price.