Virtual Visit

Virtual Visit

Looking for the perfect property to buy in Portugal is an exciting time! You are possibly in the phase of browsing the internet and making preference lists. The next step is planning your trip and making viewing appointments with the real estate agencies. However, choosing the right time for your trip is not always easy.

Why Virtual Visit?

Certain circumstances could occur that make it difficult to plan your viewing trip to Portugal:

  • You can´t get off work
  • You have young children
  • You have pets and can´t find anyone to take care of them while you are gone
  • Family events like birthdays or weddings
  • Sudden illness, or a COVID-19 that closes all doors for you

While you are trying to find the right moment, it could well be that your dream property will be sold in the mean time! We don´t want that to happen and therefore we added a Virtual Visit to our services. With Virtual Visit you still get to see your favorite property in time.

How does it work?

We plan a day and time, exactly like we do with a viewing in person and we live-stream the visit via a Whatsapp video call, Skype or Zoom. We start the video call at entering the property, we show all the main features and show you the property limits. Depending on the size of the property, the visit takes 30-60 minutes.

Availability of Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits are mainly performed in the district of Castelo Branco. If you found your dream property in another district of Portugal, let us know and we can discuss the options.
All properties on the website of are available for a Virtual Visit. If you are interested in a property that is for sale with another Real Estate website or agent, no problem! We will contact the agent and appoint the Virtual Visit for you.


  • You can view the property from home
  • You safe travel costs and time
  • This will be an interactive call so you can ask all the questions you would normally do during the visit
  • You can immediately test the phone and internet signal at the property
  • Friends and family can join in on the call

How much does a Virtual Visit cost?

Prices start at € 75 (excl. vat) per visit. Contact us for a quotation.

What happens after the Virtual Visit?

The most important benefit of Virtual Visit is that you will obtain sufficient information to make the decision whether or not to reserve the property. When you decide to reserve the property, we hold the property for you until you are able to come to Portugal and finish the purchase process.  Of course, we can assist you during the rest of the purchase process as well, click here to know more.

Contact Melanie Grönloh with questions, or to receive a quote for your Virtual Visit in Portugal.