The basics about capital gains tax in Portugal

Capital Gains are the profit that you generate when selling a property. The capital gain that you make from the purchase of the property is liable to tax. We will explain you all the basics about Capital Gains tax in Portugal. When you are planning on selling your property in Portugal or already sold a property this year, keep reading! For a full explanation, watch our video here. Key...

Key Talks: Spring walk events

Spring walk events in Beira Baixa

In the Beira Baixa there is so much to do that it is difficult to choose where to go! There are weekly markets, monthly markets, yearly events and village parties. The associations of the villages also have their own agenda for the year. Like the association of Monte Gordo, Santo André das Tojeiras, organizes two walks a year. One in Spring and one in Autumn.  Alvito river Spring walk "Rota...

Prepare for Spring weather in Castelo Branco Portugal Homekey

Prepare for Spring weather!

Spring is without a doubt the most beautiful and colorful season in Portugal. Especially in the mountainous areas of Castelo Branco, it is an enchanting time of year. The water streams flow, flowers are popping out everywhere and it seems that the birds chirp even louder than normal.Spring starts here from mid-March. This year it started with a sudden increase of temperature and we even had 25 degrees on...

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