What to do in the Beira Baixa

When driving through the Beira Baixa region a unique feeling of peace and tranquility overwhelms you. Gently curving through the mountains with a different view after every corner, descend and ascend. You are almost the only one on these roads and even when you enter the hamlets and villages, they look abandoned. What a breath of fresh air! This feeling of being one of the few lucky ones on this piece of...

image of a solar panel off-grid

Off-grid solar systems: Let’s learn more?

An off-grid solar system is the perfect solution if you are looking to live in rural Portugal in areas where the mains electricity supply is too far away or if you just want complete independency. Moreover, with energy prices continuing to rise, it is a logical step to look for ways to disconnect from the grid completely. The off-grid solar system generates electricity, stores that power in batteries, and...

The role of solicitors in Portugal 

A solicitor has a key role in buying and selling processes in Portugal. They are normally involved right from the beginning or even before a buying process. The tasks in the buying process include, but are not limited to, analyzing the current situation, advising on procedures, and obtaining the right documentation in order to execute the purchase deed.Check out our Key Talks video about ´How to Buy...

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