The cost of living in Portugal with grocery list

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What is the cost of living in Portugal?

Everyone considers the cost of living before moving to Portugal. I see this question asked many times on expat pages on Facebook and I will give you the true, right answer: it depends on your lifestyle. It depends on your lifestyle, because I don’t know if you will be drinking champagne and eating oysters or bake your own bread and raise your own chickens in Portugal. Your utility costs depend on how much time you spend in the house, shower, and on the computer. How often do you use your telephone, Internet, TV? Health care costs depends on what kind of care you need and will need, monthly rent of a house or apartment depends on the location. In general, the costs of living in central Portugal are lower than in the UK and the Netherlands. Also, most of us move to Portugal to live a different life, where we don’t need to go along with that rat race, but to be close to nature, back to basic. And central Portugal is the place to be. Please feel free to share your monthly expenses to help others getting an idea of what to expect.

Groceries with Home Key Portugal

In order not to leave you empty handed, I composed a shopping list with prices of common groceries. These are the prices of the super markets Lidl and Jumbo in Castelo Branco. If there is no brand mentioned, it is the price of the cheapest option. You have very good wine starting already at € 1,49 – € 1,99 per bottle. The price of Sagres beer given is with 50% off, because there is always a super market that has the beer in promotion so you never have to pay the ‘full’ price if you are shopping smart! Lidl also has their own brand of beer: Argus, which is really cheap as chips!


Price each

Super market

Breakfast / Lunch

French bread (210 gr.)€0,39Lidl
Small bread (90 gr.)€0,17Lidl
Delta filter coffee regular (250 gr.)€2,39Jumbo
Nescafé Instant coffee (200 gr.)€6,29Lidl
Lipton Tea (20 pyramid bags)€1,59Lidl
Cheese slices of Gouda (150 gr.)€0,89Jumbo
Philiadelphia cheese spread (200 gr.)€1,92Jumbo
Ham slices (200 gr.)€0,79Jumbo
Butter spread (250 gr)€0,89Jumbo
Milk (1 Liter)€0,45Jumbo
Kellogs Cornflakes (300 gr.)€1,54Jumbo
Eggs Large (1 dozen)€1,75Jumbo


Yellow M&M’s with peanuts (250 gr.)€3,49Lidl
Maria Tea Biscuits (4×200 gr.)€0,99Lidl
Fruit & Vegetables
Tomatoes (1 KG)€0,99Jumbo
Cherry Tomatoes (300 gr.)€1,19Lidl
Apples Royal Gala (1 KG)€1,49Jumbo
Pineapple (1 KG)€0,99Jumbo
Mango (1 KG)€1,59Jumbo
Potatoes (1 KG)€0,99Jumbo
Onions (1 KG)€0,50Jumbo
Bananas Import Costa Rica (1 KG)€0,79Jumbo
Lettuce (1 KG)€0,99Lidl


Chicken filet (1 KG)€5,75Jumbo
Chicken (entire per Kilo)€1,59Jumbo
Minced meat (400 gr.)€3,45Jumbo
Pork chops (1 KG)€3,85Jumbo
Beef (sirloin steak 1 KG)€7,85Jumbo
Fish – Trout Filet (1 KG)€4,49Jumbo
Deep fry pizza Dr. Oetker€3,67Jumbo
Vanilla ice cream Carte D’or (1 L)€2,39Jumbo

Drinks & Spirits

Beer Sagres 24 x 33 CL€12,99Jumbo
Wine red (0,75L)€1,49Jumbo
Smirnoff Vodka (0,70L)€9,99Jumbo
Johnny Walker Red Label (0,70L)€13,99Jumbo
Bacardi Rum (0,70L)€13,49Jumbo
Coca cola plastic bottle (1L)€1,25Jumbo


CIF All purpose cleaner (1,9L)€2,89Jumbo
Toilet paper 2-ply – 12 rolls€1,99Jumbo
Kitchen Paper 4 rolls€0,79Jumbo
Colgate Toothbrush ZigZag 2+1 free€3,89Jumbo
Colgate Original Toothpaste (75 ml)€2,89Jumbo
Sugar (1 KG)€0,75Jumbo

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