portugal property consultant
Melanie Grönloh

Melanie started in 2012 as an international marketing specialist and translator, working at a Portuguese franchise office of one of the biggest real estate companies in the world. As her interest in this field increased while starting to assist in property viewings, she developed a website for the Dutch buying market called Droomhuizen Portugal. That website became a place for Portuguese real estate agents to connect with their potential buyers in the Netherlands.
However, the concept had its limits and an international website with more possibilities and services was needed. That is why she created Home Key Portugal in January 2016.

Together with the established network of professionals Home Key offers the following services:

  • General question & answer session
  • Translating service verbal and written (NL-EN-PT)
  • Legal consultancy session with lawyer
  • Assistance with property viewings
  • Arrange fiscal number (needed for buying a property)
  • Help with opening a bank account
  • Assistance with signing the purchase deed
  • Assistance with connecting water and electricity
  • Assistance with telephone and internet company

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