Full Purchase Package

Full Buying Assistance

Buying a property involves lots of paperwork, time and sometimes confusion. Especially when everything is done in Portuguese and you not even understand half of what is going on. The process involves your money and your future, so it is of utmost important that no mistakes are made and that you can keep track of what is happening, why and when. Our advice: don´t say YES to the MESS but ask for our help!

Together with our network of skilled lawyers and solicitors, we offer a full service purchase package that includes:

  • Checking the paperwork of the property (if not already done before)
  • Checking if there are any debts or mortgages on a house you want to buy (if not already done before)
  • Registration for a Portuguese fiscal number (which is required to purchase a property in Portugal)
  • Communication between all parties involved (owner, real estate agent, authorities)
  • Preparing the paperwork for the deed
  • Scheduling of the deed (signing purchase contract)
  • Making sure the property will be registered on your name
  • Assistance with signing the purchase deed in Castelo Branco (if it is in another city, extra travel costs apply)
  • Preparing the paperwork after signing the deed for pick up by new owner

The advantage of our purchase package is that you have one point of contact during the entire process. All the communication will be in English or Dutch and we are available for any questions or doubts you definitely are going to have.


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Package price

€ 850,-* excl. VAT

*Please note that this price does not include the costs of the purchase deed, property registration costs, purchase and property taxes.
We can provide you with a quotation for these costs before we start the process.