Picture Perfect Portugal – Cat & Mouse

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Portugal is full of interesting landscapes, people and animals with triggering, inspiring and awing moments.
In this blog theme I share the most specials clicks I made in Portugal.

´Picture Perfect Portugal´.

While I was driving through a idyllic village I spotted a beautiful building with old, wooden doors and in front of one of the doors was a cat sitting very static as they can be. It was the perfect picture. I took my camera out and focused for the shot. But the cat decided to take off and took away the moment. I quickly clicked and was left with this action shot:

Cat Runnig (1024x796)

I decided to be patient for my desired shot and I put a piece of cheese in front on the cat hole. Like a cat hunting the mouse. I sat down at a safe distance with my camera, zoomed in and focused on the hole. Seconds and then minutes passed by and I hadn´t seen a sign of the cat yet. Would he be sneaking from the other side of the door, waiting for me to go away? After a few minutes I gave up and when I walked back to my car, I looked up and there he was, staring at me from the window. High and safe up there. I bet he was very entertained by our stupid cat / smart mouse game. Enjoy your cheese cat!

Cat watching (1024x768)

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