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    Nice title and a funny story!
    For sure, João had not so much to do that day and he was also very uncertain about how to handle with new bank accounts for foreigners; looks like hedging, the more signatures, the better …. I think no one will read the ‘book’ ever. But finally and the most important: Tom and Inge have their bank account! To be sure, I would suggest to Tom and Inge to check the first financial transfers.
    Dealing with a village bank could also be reason why it went so awkward.
    We had better experiences for the same case with a bank in Portugal in Castelo Branco with a totally different approach which looks like if you open a bank account in the Netherlands.
    Perhaps we were lucky that time and that we had a more experienced guy.

  2. Yes it was obvious they didn’t have a lot of experience with foreigners. Luckily, everything worked out fine, but it took a ‘little’ longer than expected 🙂 As a foreigner you need to be prepared to be asked anything. To be absolutely sure you have no trouble, bring your passports, fiscal number document, promissory contract or escritura, a payment slip/proof of registration if you are self-employed, or just say you are unemployed 🙂 Most banks also ask for a direct deposit (this one didn’t), so also bring some cash with you!

  3. Anny

    We went to the BPI office in Tomar, took us 30 – 40 minutes. Chap who sorted things out for us spoke excellent English, we had our NIFs, IDs, promisory note for house purchase and EUR 100,- in cash. My husband is retired, I don’t work at the moment and all we needed to do was give him an approximate sum of what pensions would be coming in. No problem, no silly questions. Portugal is a modern European country, things don’t run any less smoother than anywhere else.

  4. melanie

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience Anny. Great to hear that everything went smoothly for you! The bigger banks in the cities have a lot more routine and there is always someone who speaks English.

  5. John

    Hi Melanie, just reading some old posts here on your website. In the comment above you mention “bring your … payment slip/proof of registration if you are self-employed”

    Regarding proof of registration if you are self-employed – what is this, something from Financas?

    Thanks 🙂

  6. Melanie

    Hello John, at the bank they ask what you do for a living. If you are self employment they might ask for proof of registration from the commercial entity of your country and income statement from the previous yearr.

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