Stunning property with almost 3 hectares (27,500 m2) with a plantation of cork oaks of different ages. There are tens of cork oaks that still need their first cut, tens of them that were only harvested once and there are also some that are over a century old. A return on investment can be generated from these cork oaks. The entire property is walled with schist stone.

The land is capable of accepting other types of crops due to its fertility. Excellent potential with a lot of shade that can be used for farming with existing trees.

The existing ruins, have a considerate footprint of 100 m2 and are located at the top of the property, allowing a view over the land and an extensive landscape over the hills that surround it, including Monsanto.

Off-grid property. Electricity possible through solar panels and water need to be obtained from making a borehole. Accessible by any car through a dirt road.

Located 500 meters from Proença a Velha, 13 kms from Idanha-a-Nova, 14 kms from Monsanto.

Unique property with a total of 6 hectares (60,680 m2 / 15 acres) bordering for 200 meters with a water stream. It includes two registered stone constructions. One construction consists of a ground floor and first floor and has around 20 m2 each floor, the total registered area on the paperwork is 160 m2, and the other construction is a small wine cellar which is registered with 12 m2.

The diversity and therefore possibilities of this property are impressive. There is a very large, flat area for cultivation with a rich and damp soil. There are several small springs to be discovered on this bottom part of the property and is also bordering with a water stream. Here are several olive trees, fruit trees, oak trees and some large trees for shade that are located near the stream.

The top part of the property is situated on a hill and there are mainly pine trees and bushes, but also some oak trees can be found.

There are in total 4 wells on the land, 2 large springs (and more smaller ones).

The ideal property for off-grid living. The stone constructions can be renovated and temporary structures can be placed. There is one part of the property that is not directly connecting with the rest (at a 30 meter distance), which gives the possibility of buying this property together with another person/couple or renting of selling this piece in the future.

Located 2,5 kms from Santo André das Tojeiras Health Center, Post Office, Bakery, Café and grocery store, outdoor swimming pool. 5 kms from Sarzedas, 22 kms from Castelo Branco.

Access by dirt road, 4×4 vehicle recommended.

Property with 35,000 m2 (3,5 hectares) and great potential. The property is located 7 kms from Escalos de Baixo, with very good access via dirt road. It is close to the Belgais Center for Arts, in the Compasso area.

It has almost 4 ha, composed of forest, in its mostly eucalyptus, there are cork oaks, olive trees, arbutus and lemon trees. the property is in an area of virgin forest where all the Flora and Fauna abounds.

It has centenary buildings in stone with about 170 m2 where two houses are included, a storage barn and an oven! The total urban area is 380 m2 with a current 169 m2 constructed. This means there is still a lot of room to extend the current buildings.

It has 3 large firebreaks for placing hives, it is great for beekeeping!

This property has the particularity of being a valley that makes a half moon facing south, excellent for mushroom production.

The next eucalyptus cut will take place in 2026 and largely amortizes the value of the investment! It has potential for another type of business, such as eco-tourism.

Located 19 kms from Castelo Branco.

Rustic land of 4250 m2, located a few meters from the village Casal Águas de Verão, Sarzedas.
The property has about 20 large olive trees, vines, a loquat tree and pine trees. Playful land, slightly inclinated with diverse vegetation. The olive grove in the middle of the land gives a beautiful shade and there is a small forest on top of the land. Water is from a well.

Located just outside a very quiet village with access from the main road. 19 kms from Castelo Branco, 4 kms from Santo André das Tojeiras, 3 kms from Sarzedas with Health Center, Post Office, Café and Grocery Store.

A temporary structure can be placed on land like a caravan or another type of mobile structure.

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Farmland of 5200 m2, stone ruin and two large storage buildings for agricultural tools and tractor. Many lemon trees, olive trees, cherry trees, fig trees. Two water tanks and a large well that is constantly fed by the water from a spring in the mountain. Drip irrigation system is in place to water the lemon trees that produce an average of 3500 kg per year (average sell price per kg is € 0,50) The farm is partly walled and fenced and bordered by a small seasonal water stream.

Around 140 m2 of constructed area for garage and storage. There is also a stone ruin pre-1951 that is registered on an urban article. The property is sold including the tractor and trailer.

A lot of water from natural spring and tanks for water accumulation and irrigation.

Private access from a quiet tarmac road. Mains electricity already connected.

Very quiet area, located at the beginning of a small mountain village with amazing views to the mountains. Facing east. Excellent sun exposure for the fruit production. Great access by very quiet tarmac road.
Located 4,5 kms from Catraia Cimeira with grocery store, fuel station, restaurant. Within 10 minutes from river beaches. 20 kms from Proença-a-Nova, 35 kms from Castelo Branco.

Beautiful stone construction with recent concrete roof, roof tiles and insulation. The building is registered on an urban article with 50 m2 and it pre-1951 which means it is exempt of utilization license. It consists out of two divisions. One division has the following inside measures: 2,95 m x 3,70 m2 with a height of 3,37 m. The other divisions measures 5,60 m x 5,20 m with a total height of 3,75 m.

It is sold including 1000 m2 of connecting garden with olive trees and a row of legalized ruins in stone, to renovate or remove. Stunning views on the mountains.

Water and electricity connection right next to the property for easy and low-cost connection.

A great renovation project opportunity.

Located in a small village near Santo André das Tojeiras with Health Center, Post Office, Bakery, Café and grocery store, outdoor swimming pool. 30 kms from Castelo Branco.

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The pictures were taken in January and June of 2022.