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Amazing opportunity to acquire “Quinta da Moreirinha” with 20-year-old Horseback riding business, with tours, lessons, horse training and breeding. A gorgeous natural farm with 115.000m2 (11,5 hectares), designed for horse caring, with ample pastures, plenty of water sources and beautiful traditional stone houses. Perfectly located in a peaceful and quiet area that’s a mere 4km away from the city.

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Location & Access

Quinta da Moreirinha, Covilhã, Serra da Estrela, Portugal.

Located in the beautiful country side of Portugal, near the access that leads to high-way A23. A round-about is planned to be built near the farm’s entrance in the near future that will provide an even faster access to the farm. The whole farm is fenced and there are gates at the two opposite access points. The farm has an inner dirt road from gate to gate and there is plenty of parking space for cars, trucks and trailers.

Make it your own

The large white house was built in 2005, and has 2 high floors and is currently designed and used for horse stables. The first floor is estimated around 200 square meters. It has five stalls and five boxes (for a total of 10 horses). It also includes an area for showering and an area for storing the gear and feed. There is also a full functioning WC. The second floor is a 150m2 open space, and is currently used for storing the hay reserves for the year, but has great potential and opportunity to make it your own.

Electricity is currently solar based, provided by a photo-voltaic panel and batteries. Municipal electric network is available just outside the farm if needed.

The farm has 9 springs, a big pond with 40x20m and a smaller pond. There is plenty of fresh drinkable water all year round. The underground irrigation system from the big pond covers 50.000 square meters of farmable land (around 12.3 acres).

There is also a well on the higher ground of the farm and plumbing down to the houses with good water pressure. The houses have proper sewage system connected to a septic tank.

The small houses are beautiful rustic, big-stoned, traditional houses. One has restored interiors, and a cozy atmosphere, with about 100 square meters. The other house has 80 square meters and needs restoring.

Enjoy and relax in nature…

Enjoy the local wines and delicacies of rustic Portuguese gourmet in the privacy of your cozy picturesque farm, This beautiful farm extends for 115.000 square meters (about 28.4 acres). There is an outer fence all around the farm where the horses can roam free, and an inner fence for the living area. This farm also has 90.000 square meters of farming land / pasture (about 22 acres) and 5000 square meters of pine tree forest (about 1.23 acres). There is also a Paddock with 40×20 meters for horse training. There is also picnic areas, herb garden, natural springs all around the farm to enjoy.

Zoning and Regulatory conditions

Permit for residence and construction.

Surrounding Area 1km to Rio Zezere: a 200km long river, that rises in Serra da

Estrela and flows into Tagus river.

4km to Covilha: a gorgeous mountain side city with 50.000 total population, hospital, university, and all the commodities expected of a city.

25km to Serra da Estrela: the highest mountain range in Portugal, at 2000m altitude, with snow during the winter and great summer hike paths.

Several historic villages and forts in the surrounding area, as well as several great hike routes and horseback riding routes, with great views all year round.

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