H388 – Quinta Aqua Viva


Description - Descrição - Beschrijving

Unique project for sale:

Historic olive mill and old textile factory from 1893 with two rivers crossing the property. There is no property like this available on the market in Portugal. It has a rich history and now makes a great foundation for a tourism establishment, or just simply a dream place to live in.

If you were looking for a -once in a life time- opportunity to build and live your dream: this is it.

The property is located on a serene place, surrounded by nature and flowing rivers passing the property.  A true dream location!
It consists out of a total of 13,500 m2 of land with a large building with two living houses, old textile factory, old mill, stone house.

There are five urban articles, whereof two with habitation purpose for the houses, and 3 with storage purposes for the old factories and mill, 4 rustic articles for the adjoining pieces of land.

Mains electrics at the property, water can be used from the rivers.

Layout of the property

1. Building A) House with following features:

– 2 kitchens with fireplace, 3 living rooms, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 big cellars (can easily convert into big bedrooms), 1 balcony first floor, 2 balconies ground floor;
– Garden with possibility of making lots to enjoy the water of the river and a future river pool that can create DIRECT ACCESS to the small river.

Dimensions: The house has 2 independent houses inside

House 1:

  • Kitchen with fireplace – 4,75m x 3,20m
  • Pantry – 2,60m x 1,10m
  • Living room 1 – 4,30m x 4,20m
  • WC – 1,20m x 2,50m + space of the bathtub
  • Living room 2 (with stairs for the ground floor) – 4,40m x 3,70m
  • Bedroom 1 – 4,10m x 2,60m
  • Bedroom 2 – 2,80m x 2,80m
  • Cellar – 6,20m x 6,40m
  • Balcony first floor – 2,40m x 6,50m
  • Balcony ground floor – 2,40m x 6,20m

House 2:

  • Bedroom 1 – 2,60m x 6,50m
  • Bedroom 2 – 2,80m x 3,20m
  • WC first floor – 1,20m x 2,20m
  • Living room divided in 2 parts: 1 – 4,70m x 2,80m / 2 – 4,70m x 4,90m
  • Kitchen with fireplace – 3,80m x 4,40m
  • Bedroom 3 – 3,00m x 4,00m
  • WC with bathtub – 1,60m x 3,00m
  • Cellar 1 (possibility to convert into suite/bedroom) – 3,80m x 6,30m
  • Cellar 2 (possibility to convert into suite/bedroom) – 2,40m x 6,30m
  • Hall – 2,70m x 3,40m
  • Balcony ground floor – 1,10m x 4,40m

2. Building B) Old factory with stone walls of about 1 meter wide.

  • The building interior dimensions – 26m x 8.5m (220m2 ).

3. Building C) Old mill with grinding wheels intact and stone walls, with division.

  • Division 1 – 10,50m x 8,20m
  • Division 2 – 6m x 8,60m
    • Total dimension – 137,70m2

4. Building D) Old stone house with 150 m2

5. Land E) Several pieces of adjoining land without construction.

TOTAL LAND AREA: 13,500 m2 (1,35 hectares / 3.3 acres)

All the legal documents are available stating the buildings are exempt of habitation license, it is allowed to renovate, reconstruct and restore all of the buildings making use of the current construction area. It is not possible to extend the areas. All paperwork is recently updated and ready to handover for a simple and quick sale process.

Location and Advantages

The property is ideally located in the Center of Portugal in Engenho, Figueiró dos Vinhos council:

  • Located in a valley surrounded by nature (nearest village about 4 minutes by car);
  • 8 minutes from the village of Figueiró dos Vinhos and 5 minutes from IC8;
  • 30 minutes from Coimbra by IC8 and A13;
  • 30 minutes from Tomar by IC8 and A13.
  • 45 minutes from Fátima by IC8 and A13.
  • 1h30 from Porto airport and 2 hours from Lisbon airport.


  • Access of the property by paved road
  • In the middle of the property passes a river where you can create a mini-dam allowing a private river beach, with direct access from the house / building a) – magnificent!
  • Property located along the Ribeira de Alge allowing to enjoy the benefits through the project recently signed by the Minister of Environment for the promotion and recovery of this particular river. Name Project ALJIA (see more in inhttp://cm-figueirodosvinhos.pt/c/noticia/aljia-plano-de-gestao-integrada-da-ribeira-de-alge[1]apresentacao-publica-e-celebracao-de-protocolo.html)
  • Property away from civilization, having no houses nearby, being however only 5 minutes away from the village and 30 minutes from the popular destination Tomar and the big city Coimbra.

Click here for the video of this unique property

Note: In 2017 a forest fire passed close to the property. None of the buildings were damaged. The current status of fire risk in the area of the property is marked as: very low.


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