H395 – Quinta Saramaga


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Farm of 1.42 hectares (14200 m2) with granite house with adjoining building, wooden cabin, and two support buildings for animals.

The stone house is registered on two urban articles with a total of registered 84 m2 on 192 m2 of urban land. The house consist of two parts where the first one was used as a barn and  has a size of 5,6 m x 5,2 m x 4,6 m (height) and the second one 5,7 m  x 5,2 m which was used for  habitation. The roof of this part is already made in concrete. This house is a great blank canvas for a wonderful home. The house has an exemption of license.

The wooden house has 30 m2 ( 6 x 5 x 2,4 m height) and is build as a temporary structure to live in while renovation the house.

The barn has dual aspect entry doors, an earthen floor, roof in wooden beams and flat tiles. There is a granite column in the middle of the floor which supports a mezzanine. The floor to ceiling height is 4.6 m leaving plenty of space for a 2 floor conversion. At the rear of the building is a granite animal house of 7.75 m2.

The land is flat and decorated with olive trees and fig trees that create nice shades. The front of the property is walled and the rear land is completely fenced into several paddocks including a horse shed and pig shed.

There are a wide range of established trees on the land including loads of healthy olive trees. It also has apple, pear, fig, cherry, almond, medronho and an orange tree. It has plenty of space for grazing and animal keeping.

There is a 20 m2 (4,3 m2 x 4,7 m2 x 2,7 m2 (height) block building on the rear land for storage and agricultural use. The land would benefit from a borehole to supply water for the buildings. Electricity is at 400 meters from the property.

Access via dirt road for any car and within walking distance of the village of Aldeia do Bispo, Penamacor. Very quiet, rural spot.

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