Mmmm….Sobremesas Deliciosas!

Portuguese Desserts

When I first entered a Portuguese restaurant I had my doubts about the prepared desserts displayed in the fridge. I was used to a dessert menu with all sorts of expensive ice creams made to order, and I wondered how long these pre-made desserts were already waiting for their host. Has it been days, weeks? Do people ever order a dessert here?

But now, after multiple dinner experiences, the first thing I do when entering a Portuguese restaurant is checking out their choice of desserts. Sometimes when I can’t choose, I take two. Why not?

These are 5 Portuguese desserts you MUST try:


Serradura. This is not recommended for people on a diet! This dessert contains cream, crumbled Maria biscuits and condensed milk. Yummy!











Baba de Camelo
Baba de Camelo. Literally translated: the drool of the camel. It is basically a caramel mousse. Not looking and sounding very appealing, but a good drool is a tasty one!














Doce da Casa
Doce da Casa: sweet of the house. This dessert has many variations, but you can count on it containing pudding, cream and most of the times a coffee soaked biscuit at the bottom. Like the house wine, beef of the house, these are mostly the best desserts!













Molotov, a traditional egg white flan covered with caramel sauce. It looks huge and fluffy, and it literally melts in your mouth.











Mousse de Manga. Mango mousse, not typical a Portuguese dessert, but always tasting fruity and fresh after a heavy meal! The best mousses are the ones topped with whipped cream and a manga sauce on top.

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