Safe House

That’s it, here I go. Back to my home country the Netherlands for a while. Why does it feel so different this time? I used to LOVE traveling. The entire idea of moving, moving forward, seeing places, meeting people. Alone or with friends, it didn’t matter, as long as I was going somewhere. The feeling of true freedom, so exciting!

But this time it feels different. It feels like I’m leaving my safe house. I feel that I’m exposed, out in the open, vulnerable in a big world. The media lately is doing a very  good job with making and keeping people upset about everything. Old presidents, new presidents, old wars, new wars, economics, the entire society in general. We get scared and dissatisfied. It is creating a ticking time bomb, and I’m riding it, flying it, walking it.river ocreza portugal

I want to stay here. I feel safe here. In the countryside of Portugal with her dreamy landscapes. Crystal clear rivers that find their way through the mountains, with its peaks looking like sharp edges against the clear blue sky. The hills that flow into pine forests providing a light kind of fresh air. The warm sun on your skin, fresh fruit, vegetables and empty roads. It just makes you forget about everything else. rock rose portugal


Going to the Netherlands is going back to hard reality.

I can’t wait to see my family and friends but if it wasn’t for them,         I would stay in Wonderland.

The train starts moving and I look at the clock. Right on time.
I look through the window and blow him a kiss. Would he have something to do with these feelings?

First I fell in love with Portugal, and yes, now I have fallen in love in Portugal!

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  • Yvonne

    Que sorte! Aproveite.


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