Spring walk events in Beira Baixa

Key Talks: Spring walk events

In the Beira Baixa there is so much to do that it is difficult to choose where to go! There are weekly markets, monthly markets, yearly events and village parties. The associations of the villages also have their own agenda for the year. Like the association of Monte Gordo, Santo André das Tojeiras, organizes two walks a year. One in Spring and one in Autumn. 

Alvito river

Spring walk “Rota dos Peixinhos”

In this Key Talks Youtube video I participated in the walk “Rota dos Peixinhos” of Monte Gordo on the 15th of April. The distance was 12 kms and we passed incredible places like a ghost village, we walked alongside the river and river beach of Cerejeira (Couca). There at the river, we passed an old ´industry´ part which is now all in ruins. It used to be a sawmill, carpentry, and olive press. There is a lot of history on this route and it was very interesting to take part in it and hear the stories. We also had some pleasant breaks along the way with food and drinks. The weather was perfect, around 25 degrees and we were with a total of 80 people.

Our amazing group!

The Spring walk in Monte Gordo is one of the first ones in the area and after that, the other villages follow which results in having an organized walk almost every week until summer! These walks around usually around 10-14 kms and include a lunch and small party after.

The council Proença-a-Nova organizes a walk every month and they will have their 200th walk on the 17th of Dezember 2023. Click here for the dates

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