The Pod

The Pod at night

The Pod is manufactured in Portugal to the authentic design, originating in Cumbria, UK. The Pods are made from sustainable, treated Nordic pine, making them extremely strong and resistant to water and bacteria, meeting UK FSA standards.

Double glazed windows

These unique Pods utilise recycled materials and traditional Portuguese materials, such as cork insulation on the floor. The roof is covered in quality Decra tiles available in a choice of colours, doors and windows are double glazed and made with toughened glass,Thermojute ecological insulation keeps the Pods cool in the summer and warm in the winter, the internal and external electric wiring (and plumbing in some Pods) is in place, all pods also come with the front decking as standard and a GUARANTEE!

Inside the Mega Pod

Further, there are different types and sizes of Pods for every family and living standards. Ask us for the possibilities.
All Pods come ready assembled and are easily installed by our team or yourselves, if you wish. Delivery costs can be provided on application and may depend on the ease of access to the install site however, we are experienced in this and can keep costs to a minimum.