Video Advertising

Video advertising sells the property. More Impact Means More Buyers.
Property video tours are a great tool to help buyers get a more complete overview of your property. The video tours show important details and the buyer gets a better idea of the property’s surroundings. This transparency of information results in a quicker sale process and it creates a direct interaction between us and the buyers’ market.

Selling The Dream

If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine the power of video advertising! Our videos are fun, engaging, and honest. Through our videos, buyers can easily fall in love with their dream property.

Increase response rate

As video adverts are experiencing a 41% increase in click-through rate, the video will elevate your property visibility to the next level. We are noticing this in the increased response rate on our property videos in comparison to regular advertisements.

Worldwide reach

We enter into the buyers´ living rooms and daily lives with our property video tours. They reach active and passive home buyers all over the world. Best of all, they lower the threshold for buyers to get in touch with us.

Choose our exclusive service contract and attract thousands of potential buyers to your home through your own HomeKey Portugal YouTube channel. In March 2023, our channel reached 3000 subscribers, 277,000 views, and 20,000 watch hours!

Your home shown to thousands of buyers.


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