The basics about capital gains tax in Portugal

Capital Gains are the profit that you generate when selling a property. The capital gain that...
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The Schist Houses of Beira Baixa

Portugal is a country filled with architectural treasures, from majestic palaces to...
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Who are the People from Central Interior of Portugal?

In the corners of the Central Interior of Portugal, the unparalleled essence of the people of...
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What to do in the Beira Baixa

When driving through the Beira Baixa region a unique feeling of peace and tranquility...
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image of a solar panel off-grid

Off-grid solar systems: Let’s learn more?

An off-grid solar system is the perfect solution if you are looking to live in rural Portugal...
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Traditions and myths of Beira Baixa Region

Understanding the personality and way of life of the people around us and the localities we...
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The role of solicitors in Portugal 

A solicitor has a key role in buying and selling processes in Portugal. They are normally...
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Key Talks: Spring walk events

Spring walk events in Beira Baixa

In the Beira Baixa there is so much to do that it is difficult to choose where to go! There...
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Prepare for Spring weather in Castelo Branco Portugal Homekey

Prepare for Spring weather!

Spring is without a doubt the most beautiful and colorful season in Portugal. Especially in...
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Free Municipal Aires Castelo Branco

The local councils of Castelo Branco responded to the increasing amount of travelers and new...
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Purchase Costs when Buying Property in Portugal

What are the extra costs on top of the purchase price? Most of the people who ask me that...
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Off-the-Grid in Portugal

The search for in-dependency Analyzing the increased interest in off-grid...
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