Blog 3 – Freedom to Choose – How is Jonas doing?

I walked down the path and found Jonas watering his vegetable garden accompanied by a reggae sound coming from the speakers that brings you immediately in a state of ultimate relaxation.DSC02580 He looked completely satisfied with his accomplishments so far and didn’t seem to worry about anything. I walked a little bit around while I left Jonas doing his job, and noticed that all the plants grew significantly in the last few weeks. Jonas waters the garden once a day and told me that he haven’t had any problems with animals eating the small seedlings apart from some bean leafs that were a bit damaged by snails. The solar system works perfectly to provide them with the power they need and they have started to build a wooden structure for a shower and toilet.

The start of the bathroom

I wondered how Jonas was doing by himself with Miho working in Japan for a month, but he seemed to be managing it all quite well. He had some friends over in the last few days and they decided to take the leap as well and bought a land nearby in Penamacor. The word is spreading and more people are finding their own piece of paradise in this part of Portugal. See here what you can buy with only a small budget!

I took a peek inside the yurt, and everything looked well arranged now. It even has a studio area where Jonas makes and records his music. And there I saw them, the two Handpans of Jonas.  I have already seen some music videos from him on Youtube but I really wanted to hear this thing in real life. We went to sit under an olive tree and he started playing. While the soft, spiritual tones filled the air around us, I started feeling totally zen! I could listen to this for hours.DSC02590

Watch here the movie of Jonas playing the handpan.

3 thoughts on “Blog 3 – Freedom to Choose – How is Jonas doing?”

  • Ballekens Pol

    Zeer goed weergegeven hoe U zich daar voelt,Jonas.
    We horen dat het momenteel zeer warm is,de vuurproef dus of niet?
    U gelooft in uw keuze en daar hebben we alle respect voor!
    Uw muziek klinkt nog steeds goed,want hij komt nog steeds uit je hart!

  • Helen Wright

    Its so great to see people really doing this. I wish you the best for the future in your own little paradise.
    My partner and I are saving money now to buy land in Portugal asap. I’m slightly worried with brexit coming in March what will happen, so we are really pushing now to get cash together. I’ve found some great places on this website.

    • Melanie

      Dear Helen, I hope we can help you with finding your place in Portugal soon. I already replied to your e-mail1

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