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Fan mail #1 – August 2016

Marcel en Tamara Antonisse – Driehuis, the Netherlands
During our search for a house in central Portugal, we found the website of Melanie. On her site Home Key Portugal we saw pictures of a house that we immediately liked. Luckily, Melanie could plan a viewing on the Saturday before our trip back to the Netherlands. The house was according to all of our wishes and we bought it.

Melanie was fantastic in helping us. She speaks fluently Portuguese so that she could help us communicating with the owner. Despite of the fact that the selling party hired her, she helped us a lot with taking care of the things that are needed to buy a house in Portugal. She introduced us to a trustworthy English speaking lawyer and a good notary so the deed went very smoothly, also because Melanie prepared everything very well.

It takes a lot of the worry away if you find someone like Melanie who is able to help and guide you through the process of buying a house in Portugal.

Fan mail #2 – September 2016

Anonymous – Lisbon, Portugal
I did sell my house through Home Key Portugal. The process was extremely quick and smooth. Between showing the house and signing the deed, it took no more than 75 days! Melanie Gronloh and all the Home Key Portugal staff were extremely helpful, professional and customer oriented. I do recommend contacting Home Key Portugal in case you want to sell any property. They will certainly have a solution for you.

Fan mail #3 – November 2016

Sr. M. Afonso – Castelo Branco, Portugal

The service was excellent, very fast both in selling and signing the deed. Therefore, I have already delivered another property to them to sell. I only have good words, I recommend this company to any Portuguese or foreigner. Thank you HomeKey.

Fan mail #4 – February 2017

Hilary Venables – Castelo Branco, Portugal

As a complete stranger to Portugal, I could not have had a better property adviser and viewing companion than Melanie. Not only does she speak excellent English and Portuguese, but she knows the region well and all her properties are hand-picked and have something special about them. When I finally made up my mind about the place I wanted, she made the whole buying process quick, simple and painless, helping me with the paper-work, engaging an English-speaking lawyer and practically holding my hand until the deal was complete. I can’t thank her enough for her part in making me the proud owner of my dream quinta in Portugal.

Fan mail #5 – September 2017

Bert – Liverpool, England

I stayed in the house all week and managed to get it all sorted and habitable..It’s the most beautiful place with lovely helpful people. I can’t thank you enough. I’ve had more problems buying a car!! You and Ana made everything so easy and relaxed. Would you believe that was only my second time in Portugal but so glad I did it thanks again.

Fan mail #6 – December 2017

Kristian – Sweden

It is hard to know exactly what your dream property needing some work will cost in the end, what time it will take and what is possible or advisable to do. For anyone, not a building professional to try to figure these things out is not advisable in a country you are familiar with and a total folly in a new country. We are really happy we hired Rui to look at a property we were ” in love with”. He did in a very nice way give us sound advice and adjusted our expectations about what the project would cost, the time frame and also if we overall were likely to do a sound investment. Thank you, Rui!

Fan mail #7 – January 2018

Ed – the Netherlands

Rui provided me with valuable building advice for the most important aspects of my house. He speaks the English language, comes up with the highest quality solutions, and provides services for all your renovation needs.

Fan mail #8 – June 2018

D&R – the Netherlands

Melanie has provided an excellent service. Answering questions via e-mail or app was always fast and effective. Due to obligations in the Netherlands, we were not in the position to be in Castelo Branco for signing the deed. Via a power of attorney for one of the lawyers who work with Homekey Portugal, the purchase could still be realized and Melanie also arranged for the connection of water and electricity.
We highly recommend Homekey Portugal to people who are considering buying a house in Portugal. Melanie is well-informed about all matters that can come up in such a process.

Fan mail #9 – August 2018

Helen and Colin – West Cork,Ireland

As complete strangers to Portugal our search for our dream home began in central Portugal in April of this year. After hours/days of online searching we found our dream house on Home key Portugal. We made contact with Melanie and we arranged a viewing, Melanie speaks perfect English. We loved the house and after numerous emails and phonecalls the deal was done. Melanie made the whole buying process quick, simple and painless, helping us with the paper-work needed to purchase in Portugal, practically holding our hand until the deal was complete.

Liliana and Ana (solicitors) were excellent and speak perfect English. Rui completed the home inspection for us and gave us some excellent advice he also speaks perfect English. The most difficult part was finding the solicitor’s office with our out dated sat nav but Melanie came to the rescue. We can’t thank Melanie enough for her part in making  our dream of owning  a quinta in Portugal a reality. We highly recommend Home key Portugal to people who are considering buying a house in Portugal.

Fan mail #10 – March 2019

Mark Williams – England

Having been looking for a property in Portugal for some time, I was fortunate to find the Home Key website and began to check it regularly in the hope of finding something that ‘ticked all the boxes’. I also started to follow Home Key on Facebook and noticed a new property being posted which seemed to be very good value and had a lot of what I was looking for. I made contact with Melanie and informed her that I was interested, but unable to immediately view as I was in the UK. Melanie was able to provide me with lots of information about the property and also about the process of buying a house and land in Portugal. I had already done some research and looked at the information on the Home Key website, but it was good to get some extra information through emails and telephone calls.

Once I had made the decision to make an offer on the property, Melanie kept me up to date with every development and provided clarity and assistance at every stage. Appropriate legal advice was signposted and Melanie acted as an effective intermediary between all parties. When I eventually managed to get out to Portugal, Melanie arranged to meet me at the property and explained exactly where the boundaries were etc. She then accompanied me to a meeting at a solicitors where the appropriate documents were agreed and signed.

Since the sale has been completed, Melanie has stayed in contact and has agreed to assist with providing links to local tradesman etc if required.

 Melanie made the process of buying a property in Portugal a relatively straightforward one, and I was impressed by her efficiency, contacts attention to detail and her sense of humour!