Off-grid solar systems: Let’s learn more?

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An off-grid solar system is the perfect solution if you are looking to live in rural Portugal in areas where the mains electricity supply is too far away or if you just want complete independency. Moreover, with energy prices continuing to rise, it is a logical step to look for ways to disconnect from the grid completely. The off-grid solar system generates electricity, stores that power in batteries, and runs independently from the power grid. This system allows and off-the-grid living, a lifestyle centered around energy independence and self-sustainability. Now, let´s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of an off-grid solar system.


Green Energy
The global issues with CO2 emissions makes us think and rethink about our current lifestyle and the footprint we leave on this planet. With an off-grid solar system you generate 100% Green Energy and your home will be carbon emissions free!

No more energy bills
As you will be generating your own energy, you will no longer receive electricity bills and you do not have to deal with the rising energy prices. What a relief! With energy independence, you gain complete budget stability, security and comfort.


Initial cost
The price of an off grid solar system are often double the price of a solar system connected to the grid as you need batteries, a higher quantity of solars panels, a larger inverter and in some cases even a generator. 

Usage consciousness
When you live off-grid you will be more conscious about the way you use your energy. Which is not particularly a bad thing! However, you have to keep in mind that energy storage can be limited, and there will always be a potential risk of running out of energy, including your stored energy, especially on cloudier days. 

Installation of an off-grid solar system

It is important to explain to an expert what your daily routine is and herewith your energy needs. He will design your system to meet your energy needs, and it is also important that you understand how much energy you should be generating throughout the year, so you know when your system is underperforming. This way any issues can be addressed and solved quickly.

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