Portugal – Europe´s Wild West

Going on a road trip is one of my most favorite things to do! That day, I was on my way for a meeting near the border of Spain. After 10 minutes of driving, I looked at my dashboard pointing 29 degrees Celsius and then looked down to what I was wearing. That was why I was boiling! I decided to wear jeans, socks and my boots that day, what was I thinking? The temperature was very unusual for the time of year. It was October and still around the 30s.

I just passed Castelo Branco and I already had to go to the ladies room. Luckily, I was just entering a village and saw a café and stopped. The employees were having lunch that smelled everything but appealing. When I got back in the car, I kicked my boots off and got rid of my socks. 29,5 degrees now, much better driving barefoot!

wild west portugal 2I continued my journey and soon entered a road with a smell of fresh tarmac. Road workers and police were standing next to the road, and I hoped that they wouldn’t stop me for some reason. Luckily they didn’t, they probably thought a car with right hand driving would only make their life difficult

wild west portugal 3

When I was driving further towards Spain, the landscape became dryer and more stretched out, this landscape reminded me of the South-West of the United States. I was trying to make pictures while driving, but none of them did justice of what I was seeing. This country is just so beautiful. I was amazed by the views after every turn, and when I entered a road that seemed like it didn’t have an end, I stopped the car. Working with my Sony camera is another thing I love to do and I stayed there for a while to make some shots. My journey continued and left and right I saw some small sand tornados caused by tractors plowing the land. I started to feel like I was entering the Wild West!

wild west portugal

My destination was a small, almost abandoned village. I got out of the car and I saw that my front bumper was a bit loose and while I was arranging it, I heard a door open and the most characteristic old man stepped on his balcony to see what was happening. He asked me who I was and what I was doing with that car. I explained him that it was my car and that I was waiting for someone. He didn´t look satisfied with that answer and started expressing his concerns about thiefs and criminals. Half listening while fixing my bumper, I heard him saying that people can´t be trusted and that people are stealing all the time. I smiled and thought, did I really just arrive in the Wild West?

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