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You don’t need a permission to make small changes inside the house as long as its structure is maintained. You do however need permission for all other construction work and new build. The builder you hire for the work can help you with that. Constructions using wood is generally easier to get approved. Building in metal and concrete comes with specific safety and architectural requirements.

If an illegal construction work is spotted by a fiscal agent, the fines start at € 500,- and can go up until € 200.000,00

We offer our Home Key clients free building advice and we help you finding the right contacts for builders, engineers, architects, and electricians.

If you can build on the piece of land you are buying depends on several factors. We advise you to go to a lawyer and the council where the property is located (Junta de Freguesia).

Factors that can influence the building permission:

  1. Type of land: residential, agricultural, commercial, nature, industrial
  2. Size of the land
  3. Existing buildings
  4. Project planning in the area

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