Happy New Year 2017 with Home Key Portugal

I intended to write an ‘end-of-the-year-blog’ where I would look back on the year 2016, but it is much more fun to think about the future!  There is so much to look forward to and I like to tell you about our plans!

In YEAR 2017 we continue to grow our property selection and consultancy services.

Y ou are priority number 1. Our clients are the reason our company exists. In whatever buying stage you are; orientation phase, house-hunting mode, or in your post-buying bubble, you can count on our support.

E xcellence. We believe that being thorough in our property selection, we separate the wheat from the chaff and leave you with only the best selection. We want to excel in the service we provide and therefore we only choose to work with the best partners.

A ctualisation of our website. We strive to have our website always up-to-date. New properties are online within 24 hours and we update the information of our properties on a daily basis (reduced price, property status).

R eliability. The real estate business is an interesting business, but not an easy one! Especially when you deal with people buying in a foreign country. Every time again, we gain the trust of both buyer and seller by performing on a constant level of full transparency, providing accurate information, and being honest at all times.

2 more professionals will be added to our team of experts this year.

0 we have a ‘zero delay’ mindset to make the buying process fast and easy for everyone. We strive for zero unanswered e-mails, zero unanswered calls, and zero% dissatisfied clients.

1 our dream is to become your number 1 property advertising and consultancy for Central Portugal! :)

7 days a week we are available to answer your calls and e-mails. You have access to our property database 24/7 on our website www.homekeyportugal.com. Nothing stands in the way of finding your dream home with us!

Thank you all for knowing and following Home Key Portugal. We wish you a fabulous new year with plenty of opportunities, good decisions, and great accomplishments.

Now, let your dream take you places

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2017, we are ready for you!

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